Board Members

Board of Directors


mike-lewis-reduced-42591-1Mike Lewis, President
Mike joined the Board of Directors in 2015 after working as a parent producer and stage manager on SCCT shows since 2008. Trained as an engineer, Mike is a former Naval officer and currently runs a Global IT group for TSYS Corporation.  He is a strong advocate for the theater and believes SCCT truly is a place where character grows and kids find community and life skills that only theater can teach. He is excited by the growth of SCCT’s community over the last decade and, as president, hopes to help SCCT continue to grow so it may share its magic with more families for years to come.

Heather Mannion, Vice President & SCSD Liaison
In addition to her work with SCCT, Heather has been an active volunteer for many local organizations, including the San Carlos Education Foundation, PTA Coordinating Council, Arundel PTA, and the Carlmont Academic Foundation. She has a professional background in marketing consulting and recruiting, and met her husband while working together on musical theater productions. With two daughters who also love performing, Heather appreciates the positive impact theater arts can have on children and hopes to help SCCT continue to grow so more students may experience the magic of theater in their community.

Cindy Chen, Treasurer
Cindy began her volunteer career with SCCT as part of the sets team for her daughter’s first production and has been painting and hammering ever since. Cindy joined the Board in 2013 because she wished to give back to SCCT and the community that has enriched her family’s life. Although a “business and numbers” person, Cindy appreciates the power of performing arts in developing children’s confidence, creativity and sense of community. By training, Cindy is a business and management professional and currently works at Stanford University.

Brandon Savage, Development
Brandon grew up performing in local children’s theater productions and eagerly joined the Board of Directors in 2016 to help expand the reach and the mission of SCCT. As a San Carlos resident and father of three young children, Brandon is passionate about our community and supporting the people and organizations who enrich it; and as a former “theater kid,” Brandon knows, first-hand, the value of the friendships, discipline and inclusivity promoted through theater arts. Many of the skills learned in theatre have translated to Brandon’s current work in leadership, product management and technology.

Julie Andersson,  Youth Advisory Board Leadership
Julie joined the Board in 2012, although she’s been an involved SCCT parent since 2008.  An elementary school teacher, Julie appreciates the role that performing arts can play in a child’s development, especially under such professional and caring artistic leadership as Eron Block.  Julie loves the encouragement that the SCCT kids give each other and the supportive environment that the parents create for all the kids. 

Heidi Skrenta, Grants
Heidi became an SCCT parent in 2011 first working on sets and costumes.  She also enjoys performing on stage herself and can be seen in the San Carlos Chickens’ Ball and Kiwanis Show. Heidi joined the SCCT board in 2014 to deepen her support of local performing arts. Although her education and professional training is in the Biotech/Pharma field, she values the importance of youth theater and loves to see how imagination, elbow grease and cooperation combine to produce magic on stage.

Karen Vega, Business Memberships
Karen Vega was introduced to SCCT in 2010 when her daughter performed in her first production. A principal partner of RealSmart Group, Karen is a natural leader and has worked as the producer on dozens of mainstage productions and joint SCCT-Roy Cloud school shows. Appreciative of the valuable lessons and experiences her daughter gained through SCCT, Karen joined the Board of Directors in 2014 to give back to the theater and help more children enjoy the wonders of performing.

gail-welter-reduced-4246Gail Welter, Personal Memberships
Gail became first involved with SCCT in 2010. Very quickly she and both her children became avid participants with everything SCCT, and after 5 years and nearly 20 productions, Gail joined the Board of Directors. A strong supporter of the arts, Gail also serves on the boards of Carlmont High School’s Arts Council and Music Boosters and has played in a community orchestra for the last 26 years. After watching her children blossom from their experiences on stage, she is very appreciative of all those involved in this theater.

julia-chalios-reducedJulia Chalios, Secretary
Julia got involved in the San Carlos Children’s Theater in 2009 with her daughter’s school. She joined the board in 2016 hoping to help where she can. Julia’s daughter has continued to participate in as many SCCT productions as possible and Julia has helped with costumes, back stage and even performed in the community production of Wizard of Oz. She has seen firsthand that theater provides confidence, team building and so many more skills to the children who participate in our programs. Julia has a background in sales and her goal with the theater is to help foster the growth and breadth of the program.

chris-bowman-reduced-4147Chris Bowman, Development
Chris joined the Board of Directors in 2016 to help with development efforts among businesses in the community.  Chris’ son has been active in theatre since a very young age, and joined the SCCT in 2013 where he’s been able to showcase his talents and develop confidence and communication skills that will last a lifetime.  Chris is extremely grateful for the supportive nature of the SCCT community, and is working ensure that the theatre can continue to offer quality programing to children for years to come.

megan-bowman-reduced-4308Megan Bowman, Development
Megan became involved with SCCT when she and her family relocated to California in 2013.   Having participated in drama programs in Atlanta, her son was excited to find a great theater program in his new hometown and has been involved ever since.  Megan began her volunteer work in costumes and discovered many hidden talents for stitching, organizing and craft projects.  She is grateful for everything the theater community has done to help San Carlos feel like home for her family, and joined the Board of Directors in 2016 as a way to give back to the theater in a broader capacity.  Professionally, Megan works in the field of human resources and believes strongly that the skills and values learned in theater will be beneficial throughout these kids’ lives and future endeavors.

debbie-fowler-reduced-3835Debbie Fowler, President Emeritus
Debbie served on the Board from 2001-2016, filling the role as President for ten years. She has been an enthusiastic supporter since she and her two children saw their first SCCT production in 1998. As a children’s theater performer herself and as a music teacher, she knows first-hand the value of the arts in a child’s life, and in particular how the confidence gained during a production translates to all aspects of life. Debbie is addicted to the sense of community that is SCCT and will continue to be seen at performances and events, as well as helping behind the scenes wherever she is needed.