Shrek the Musical JR. – Roy Cloud School


Performances March 31-April 2

March 31 at 7:00 pm
April 1 at 1:00 & 7:00 pm
April 2 at 1:00 pm


Based on the DreamWorks Animation Motion Picture
and the Book by William SteigBook and Lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire
Music by Jeanine Tesori
Publisher Music Theater International

Director Theresa Ames, Vocal Director Margaret Marshall, Choreographer Danny Giray



McKinley School Auditorium
400 Duane Street, Redwood City


Once upon a time, in a far away swamp, there lived an ogre named Shrek. One day, Shrek finds his swamp invaded by banished fairytale misfits who have been cast off by Lord Farquaad, a tiny terror with big ambitions. When Shrek sets off with a wisecracking donkey to confront Farquaad, he’s handed a task – if he rescues feisty princess Fiona, his swamp will be righted. Shrek tries to win Fiona’s love and vanquish Lord Farquaad, but a fairytale wouldn’t be complete without a few twists and turns along the way.

For Double Cast here are the dates and times for Cast A and Cast B

A Friday evening, March 31, 7:00 pm

A Sat. matinee, April 1, 1:00 pm

B Sat evening, April 1, 7:00 pm

B Sunday matinee, April 2, 1:00 pm


CHARACTER                CAST A                         CAST B

FIONA                            ALEXA N.                    SOPHIA P.

SHREK                           CAMERON S.              THEO R.

DONKEY                        RACHEL D.                 DASHA K.

FARQUAAD                   DOMINIC B.                AVERY D.

GINGY                            REBECCA N.                CHLOE M.

CAPTAIN                        CHEYENNE G.            AVA P.

PINOCCHIO                   ZOE G.                          ZOE C.

All dates and times subject to change.