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star-wall-pic-web-e1365081074424Become an SCCT Star Supporter.
Donate now and your personalized star will be displayed in our new home in Mustang Hall.

  • Gold Level 4″ star is $200
  • Silver Level 4″ star is $100

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You can put your family name on the star, your child’s name, Anonymous Supporter, or another phrase (must be appropriate for posting in a public place) that fits within the space limit. The star will be displayed in SCCT’s new home and you will be recognized on the SCCT website as a donor (unless you prefer not to be listed).

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Star Supporters

Gold Stars

Steve, Arlie & Alex Aguirre
Honey Jim
Ed & Joanne Block
Eron & Daina Block
Hayley Chavez-Rosel
Cheney Family
Lisa Costello
Emily Costello As Mme. Thenardier
Clare & Emily Costello
Tara & Maya Ebrahimpour
Digel Family
Nick & Claire Dikas
Dillon Family
Ebbers Family
Emma Elliott
Ben Elliott
Alex Fogel
Katryna Fogel
Debbie Fowler
Jack Glenn Ava Glenn
Glenn Family
Hausken-Brates Family
Pyper Hayden
Xanthe Hopp
Jim And Mary Hopp
Alex “Maxwell Smart” Hussinger
Meagan & Kaitlyn Hutcheson
Kain Family
Kaplan Family
Madeleine Is A Star!
Matthew Korn
The Lemps
Thanks Eron! Les Misérables Cast
Charlotte Lewis
Susie Licko
Mannion Family
Chet & Elaine Moore
Morrisey Family
John Murphy
Naismith Family
Grace Newby
Nicolette Norgaard
Lauren Pittock
Plutzer Family
Quiggle Family
Rebosio Family
Elana Ron
The Roof Family Loves SCCT
Caitlin & Fiona Ruane
Lauren, Jon & Neil Schneider
Seaman Family
Kishinsky Family
Skrenta Family
Smallman Family
Jojo Tabacek
Jon Toussaint
Julia Walsh
Eileen Walsh
Stephanie Robitaille
Henry Zatarain
Naomi Bartoo
Emily Costello As Mrs. Paroo
Honoring The Toussaints
Hane/Rienhoff Family
Saund/Larkin Family
Ariana Mitha
The Music Man Cast
Newby Family
Rg Vocal Studio
Rosenblatt Dobbs Family
Rubingh Family
Varunok Family
Logiudice Family
Jon T
Jon T
Sophia Davirro
Robin Hutto
Verner Family

Silver Stars

Alex Aguirre Nana’s Star
Jean Valjean
Janette Marie
Nic & Lexi Battaglini
Vinni & Cliff Bellone
The Bergen Family Loves SCCT
Samantha Our Star
Janet Brinkop
Scott Harris
Kevin Harris
Godwin Family
Naomi Bartoo
Hall/Wong Family
Nathan Kaplan
Griffin Family
Gabriella Kunde
Thanks Daina Les Misérables Cast
Thanks Sara Rangel-Murphy Les Misérables Cast
Friends Play Group
Kristin Summer Martin
Holly & Nanci Sisters
* Nikki * Murray
Paster Family
Rangel-Murphy Family
Thanks SCCT! Stephanie Robitaille
Dylan Roof Danielle Roof
Alex Aguirre E & V’s Superstar
Cristina Oeschger & Family
Jon T – Stanley Sappovitz Comic Book Artist
Paul Trembley
Giorgi Trembley
The Webers
Julie And Hannah
Renew Property Services
Rock/Wuthmann Family
Thompson Family
Bellone Family
Heather Browning
Emily Costello Sister Sophia
Emily Costello Alice Faulkner
Emily Costello as Doris
Dallaire Family
Cast of Damn Yankees
Tori Hall Family
Tim & Nancy King
Austin Leary
Eli Melmon
Mendelsohn Family
Orazem Family
Megan Smith
Jon Toussaint as Joe Hardy
Welter Family
Emily Costello as Ronnette
Emily Costello Jr. Asst. Director
Terby & Lillian D