Youth Advisory Board

SCCT’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is a leadership opportunity for all SCCT students, actors, and tech crew  in grades 6-12.  YAB members serve as ambassadors of the theater, advise the Board of Directors on student-related issues, and assist in planning, promoting and implementing special SCCT programs and events.  Recent projects coordinated and run by the Youth Advisory Board  include an audition tips video, community-wide scavenger hunt, sing along movie night, and San Carlos Hometown Days Parade.

Youth Advisory Board members  serve a minimum of one year (September-August), during which they attend monthly meetings.

Please contact YAB Coordinator Eve Dutton for more information at

2017-2018 Youth Advisory Board
Eric Andersson                          Lindsay Augustine
Clarisse Bell                               Katie Benway
Charlotte Berry                         Sam Borthwick
Isabelle Bravo                           Jill Bryan
Ned Cotton                                Jacob Crosby
Terby Diesh                              Roxie Dobrer
Molly Donaldson                     Nicky Dovydaitis
Zoe Dovydaitis                         Alyssa Fong
Cameron Garcia Brown         Oliver Golden
Sebastian Golden                    Adrian Harris
Charlotte Kearns                     Marlo Lewis
Ava Litvak                                 Melanie Magnani
Katie Mannion                         Emily Mannion
Rory McGann                           Heather Pritchard
Tess Restaino                           Emily Robertson
Jack Rosenberg                        Chris Rubingh
Riyana Srihari                          Katilin Studt
Nurcan Sumbol                       Kinjal Vyas
Carrie Welter                           Colin Welter
Nicole Yeo